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6 Delicious Burger Recipes for NZ House & Garden – Maite Paternain – Food Photographer, Stylist and Recipe Developer

Starting again in New Zealand

After settling in New Zealand, it still took me a few months to get back on the tools. Despite all our efforts, the container with all our belongings had a delayed departure in France and, once in New Zealand, it was stuck in Tauranga harbour for weeks. All my photography props were in it.

As a Food Photographer and Food Stylist, each plate, piece of cutlery, or table cloth curated through years of walking the second-hand shops in the south of France is a small treasure. So it was impossible to get started until I had those with me. Instead, I spent time setting up a small studio in my garden, a tiny space next to a large tree, with a big old window.

By July, I had my props, my tiny studio, and I was ready to start again. With a mixture of excitement and apprehension, I emailed a few New Zealand magazines to introduce myself and bring some attention to my work. Luckily, I got some replies, and one of them was from the editor of stunning NZ House & Garden. They loved my work and were happy to see what I could for them in the food section of the magazine.

Food Photography, Food Styling and Recipe Development for NZ House & Garden

My first editorial feature for NZ House and Garden was published in November 2021. As I do in most of my editorial projects, I developed the recipes, sourced the props, cooked the food and styled and photographed each image myself. It implies a lot of preparation and a fair amount of juggling. Still, I love the control and flexibility that I have every single step of the process.

The feature portrayed a variety of burgers, including a vegan option. It also had instructions for making your own burger buns and a couple of homemade burger sauces.

For the styling, I was inspired by American diners. I chose to style my story using black and white with vibrant red and yellow accents. Even if this was a colour palette I hadn’t used before, I was confident it would set the right mood to tell the story.

The result was the colourful, high contrast and appetizing feature shown below.

  • Two Simple Homemade Burger Sauces (recipe here)
  • Greek Lamb Feta Burgers with Shaved Baby Cucumber & Dill Yoghurt Sauce (recipe here)
  • Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit & Pineapple Salsa Burger (recipe here)
  • Beef, Roast Capsicum & Whipped Gorgonzola Burger (recipe here)
  • Fail-proof Burger Buns (recipe here)
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Honey Mustard Zucchini Slaw Burger (recipe here)

Maite Paternain

Is a Basque Food Photographer and Stylist based in New Zealand. She has worked with some of the major food related companies in Spain like ELLE Gourmet Magazine or The Spanish Tourist Board (Turespaña). In 2017, she was elected runner up in the DELICIOUS Magazine UK food photographers competition.





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